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Ground Preparation

Ground Preparation Ground Preparation
  1. Clear the area by removing any existing turf, slicing beneath the grass with a spade or by hiring a purpose designed turf cutter.
  2. The soil needs to be turned over thoroughly to a depth of approximately 75mm depending upon ground conditions, using a spade or a powered cultivator. Removing large stones and any buried debris.
  3. The ground should be raked to provide a smooth level surface. If the surface soil is of poor quality or is uneven, apply some additional topsoil and even it out with a rake. A lawn requires 100mm depth of good topsoil.
  4. Ideally the area should be consolidated by lightly rolling or treading (heeling) the surface by foot to reveal any soft patches which can then be raked level. This may be dependant upon weather conditions. This process should be continued until the whole area is evenly firm and level, but not compacted.
  5. Apply 35grams per metre of Teal Turf general purpose fertiliser which should be raked into the topsoil prior to laying the turf.

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