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Payment Information

Orders are paid for in Pounds sterling. We accept the following methods of payment:

  • visa
  • visa debit
  • visa electron
  • mastercard
  • maestro
  • PayPal

All online payments are secure and made using the SagePay payment system.

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Measuring Guide


Calculate the amount of bark required

‘Melcourt Ornamental Spruce bark’

Mulch depth required           50mm 75mm 100mm
Square metres covered by 1 cubic metre bag of mulch 20 13.3 10

Calculate the amount of soil required

Teal Turf Screened and Blended Topsoil

Soil depth required 25mm 50mm 75mm
Square metres covered by 1 bag of topsoil 28 14 7

For example the area of your garden is 56sq metres and you wish to raise the level by 50mm – you will require 4 bags of topsoil

Calculate the area of your lawn

Measuring the area of a square or rectangular lawn is easy to do. Simply measure the length and the width and multiply the two together. This gives you the area. Or you can use our turf calculator to do the calculation for you.

(For example 9 x 7 = 63)

Triangular gardens are calculated by width x height divided by 2.

To calculate the area of a circle you will need the radius.

To find the radius measure a straight line from the centre of the circle to a point on the circumference.

Curcle diagram


1 foot = 0.3048 metres

1 square yard = 0.8361 square metres

Wastage Allowance

We recommend that you add 5% to your calculated area to allow for off cuts and angles. We recommend that you do not use small off cut pieces within your lawn as they are more likely to dry out and struggle to establish.

Additional Suggestions

Be sure to measure carefully. Double check your measurements. We suggest you measure in metres as Sterling Turf is sold in square metres (I roll equals 1 square metre)

Roll Size

The size of a roll of turf is 1.6m long x 0.61m wide.