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Lawn Pests & Diseases

  • Red Thread

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Red Thread

    Red Thread is not usually harmful and usually causes no permanent damage, but it can be unsightly.

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  • Snow Mould and Fusarium

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Snow Mould and Fusarium

    Snow moulds and Fusarium are very common diseases of turf within the UK. They start to appear in the autumn of the year.

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  • Leatherjackets

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Leatherjackets

    Leatherjackets are the larvae of the European Crane Fly or Daddy Long Legs as they are commonly known.

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  • Ants

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Ants

    It is not the ants that are a problem, mostly their anthills that are like mini mole hills across the lawn.

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  • Brown Patches

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Brown Patches

    Patches of brown dying grass, although very common, undoubtedly spoil the appearance of a lawn.

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  • Fairy Ring

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Fairy Ring

    Fairy rings are a group of diseases in turf caused by beneficial fungi that breakdown dead and decaying plant material.

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  • Lawn Mushrooms

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Lawn Mushrooms

    Autumn is when many fungi produce their fruiting bodies; mushrooms or toadstools.

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  • Moles

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Moles

    Moles are tiny, annoying little mammals that enjoy burrowing underground, and usually find refuge in places such as gardens or lawns.

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  • Chafer Grubs

    Lawn Pests & Diseases: Chafer Grubs

    Chafer Grubs are the larvae of the Chafer Beetle. The larvae cause damage to lawns by feeding on the roots of grass plants.

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