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Payment Information

Orders are paid for in Pounds sterling. We accept the following methods of payment:

  • visa
  • visa debit
  • visa electron
  • mastercard
  • maestro
  • PayPal

All online payments are secure and made using the SagePay payment system.

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Laying the Turf

Laying the Turf Laying the Turf
  1. Never walk directly on the prepared soil or newly-laid turf. Use boards or planks to work from and walk on.
  2. Begin by laying your turf on the longest straightest edge and continue with full rolls around the perimeter. Continue to work across the lawn, strip by strip, staggering the joints similar to a brickwork pattern.
  3. You will need to ensure that edges and ends of turf are butted up tightly, but avoid overlapping.
  4. Overlapping pieces and ends of rows should be cut off neatly. Avoid using small pieces of turf as these can dry out.

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