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Moles Moles

Moles are tiny, annoying little mammals that enjoy burrowing underground, and usually find refuge in places such as gardens or lawns. You can tell if you have moles, because they usually leave a rather prominent hole that has a little hill around it. Moles feed on insect, grubs or worms and are largely harmless. They can even be beneficial. But because they leave your lawn or garden a mess, you have to take measures to control them before they start controlling you. Here are some ways to keep these little mammals at bay.

Mole poisons

There are many types of mole poisons available, but you should use caution, since they can be dangerous to use around the house and are only moderately effective. Moles tend to be suspicious of strange things entering their habitat, so they may stay away from strange baits, traps or poisons. You may think this is good, but all it will do is force them to another part of your garden.

Sonar devices

There are devices that send sound vibrations into the ground that is supposed to upset the mole's habitat, but they are also only moderately effective and can be expensive. Check review carefully before buying one of these and make sure it's not a cheap, battery operated toy that pretends to simulate sonar.

Eliminate source of food

This is one of the most effective ways to deal with moles. Getting rid of grubs, worms and insects will force moles to go elsewhere (maybe into the neighbour's garden). Although lawns and gardens need water, it also helps the worms and grubs, so try to strike a balance.

Install a mole barrier

Putting cloth or aluminum sheeting about two feet beneath ground level can prevent moles from tunneling. This is practical for small areas, and is not necessarily good for your vegetation. You can check with your county extension agent to see if they can advise you on mole activity in your area.

Castor oil

Castor oil is an excellent mole repellent. Water the area thoroughly and then spray castor oil on the garden. Then water again to bring the castor oil into the soil. It will remain active until the next rain or watering and help repel moles.

Cat litter

Cats are natural enemies of moles, so if you sprinkle some litter around the mole holes, you may trick them into thinking there is a cat in the family. You can also sprinkle human hair around the holes, which is another natural repellent. Check with your local beauty salon to see if you can collect their hair clippings. (Remember, hair is an organic substance.)

Hopefully one of these tips will help you deal with the garden and lawn mole problem. They can be annoying little creatures, but there could be worse garden problems for you to deal with! 

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