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Winter Lawn Care

Winter Lawn Care

Winter is a quiet time for the lawn as it becomes dormant. It is essential to keep off the lawn as much as possible because the grass plants are not actively growing and they will not repair themselves until the spring. 


Only mow the lawn if necessary during warm spells when the lawn can spurt into sudden growth, but this must be kept to an absolute minimum. Do not mow if the heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is very wet. This is a good opportunity to service your mower and sharpen the blades in readiness for the spring.


Do not feed the grass over winter as it will speed the grass into premature growth that will not withstand the weather conditions.

General Maintenance

Clear any late leaves and debris using a light rake or stiff broom. Keep heavy machinery off the lawn as this will cause damage to the grass. Avoid walking on the lawn during periods of frost or very wet weather.


Winter is a good time to treat for moss, and we would suggest an application of Sulphate of iron applied at a rate of 1kg dissolved in 10 litres of water, which would cover an area of approximately 30 - 40sq metres. This can be applied with a garden sprayer or watering can. A repeat dose could be applied a month later to increase the effectiveness. Scarifying of the lawn will also help to remove moss. Sulphate of iron can be purchased from any reputable Garden Centre.

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